Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Craft Room Refit

When is a kitchen not a kitchen?  Good question I can hear you asking (or maybe not!)

Over the last week I have boxed up most of my craft room (sob) so it can be fitted out with new cupboards and shelves, it was such a mess and I am hoping when it's finished it will help me to be more organised.

Here is a pic of just one wall, I can't show you the rest as it is stacked with boxes and bags and I am so embarrassed by it.

As you can see a couple of the new units have been built, the top one is waiting to be put up on the wall, a few more to be made up, work surface to be added and job should be a good one.

Hoping it won't take long as I am back on Hochanda Saturday 12th November with Glue Dots, Sunday 13th November with Zauberperle and then again at the end of November with something else (can't mention what yet - ssshhhhh!!!) all sorts of playing do be done, I mean .......so lots of samples and prep for demos to make.

Off to stroke paper and look at boxes of inks while having a well earned cuppa.

Jack xx

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  1. Look forward to seeing your creations and will look out for you on Hochanda now, xxxx